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Anthony Caro and New Generation

Barford West

Unit 2A

Beaver Industrial Estate

Brent Road



Available for viewing by appointment only. 

Please forward enquiries to The Anthony Caro Centre 

The current display 'Anthony Caro and New Generation' at Barford West, Southall, includes the following works from Caro's personal collection:

Mike Bolus – Untitled, 1960-61

Phillip King – Drift, 1962

Tim Scott – Sistrum VI

David Annesley – Big Ring, 1966

Tim Scott – Peach Wheels, 1965

John Hoyland – Untitled, 1966

Bill Tucker – Tunnel, 1960

Bernard Cohen – Untitled, 1963-65

Tim Scott – Quantic of Sakkara, 1966

Kenneth Noland – Untitled

Bill Tucker – Union of Opposites, 1962

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